Here’s another Guide Fly lesson from Alvin Dedeaux All water guides. (Or as he calls them, “Super easy to attach, tie down, quick and easy to fish guide flies.”) As Alvin says, he doesn’t want to make flies that are complicated or take a lot of time to tie because a customer possibly throwing it into the trees on the first throw. So he came up with variations on famous patterns that offer the same basic profile and movement in the water, but are easier and quicker to tie.

The Dedeaux Snake is Alvin’s budget version of the Tabory Snake Fly, a saltwater pattern developed by Lou Tabory. If you want to tie the more complicated original version of this venerable pattern, watch Tightline Productions’ video here.


Dedeaux snake
Hook: Bass Bug Hook (here a Gamakatsu B10S), size 1.
Thread: Color to match body color or as a contrast, 3/0.
weed protection (Optional): 50 pound test monofilament.
Tail: Zonker Stripe.
Body: Deer hair, spun.
Head: binding thread.
Note: Tie this pattern in any colors and combinations you want.