Written by: Arianna Roupinian, Steamship Fly Fisherman

We’ve all been through that.
All photos by Steamboat Flyfisher

In recent years – both working in the fly business and with students – I’ve noticed a dramatic shift in the expectations of new anglers. Many of them seem to be striving for perfection right now, searching for definitive answers on that one fly and that one place that will lead them to inevitable success. While the eagerness of new anglers is great, the notion that anyone could expect to master fly fishing by applying a formula is detrimental to the art. No wonder so many fail and lose motivation to keep going when this approach doesn’t work.

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It’s going to take some time to get here, but that makes it all the nicer when it finally does.

Fly fishing is a complex activity made up of many different variables and the experience based, daily learning process simply cannot be avoided. I urge new anglers to keep up your enthusiasm even through the wind knots, rigging issues and delayed hook setting that are sure to follow. It is only through patience and perseverance that you can succeed later, even when you are in really bad shape. You can try reading books, watching videos, or talking to your local business, but don’t be afraid to go out and just suck it up for a while. The early trials and difficulties are all part of the journey.

Arianna Roupinian is a Guide and Instructor for Steamship Fly Fisherman in Steamboat, Colo.