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Warning: This week’s podcast with biologist Mike Miller isn’t exactly encouraging; In fact, it’s downright depressing. Developed in the mid 1990’s, neonics are the most popular insecticide class in the United States. In my opinion, neon pesticides are the main reason for the dramatic decline in insect populations in our trout streams and could pose an even greater threat to invertebrate populations than climate change. But it’s a problem we can solve more easily than climate change because it’s happening mostly in the United States. (Canada and the EU have either banned or severely restricted the use of neonics.) I hope this podcast gets you all to take action and speak out to get the EPA to ban these dangerous chemicals.

Fortunately, we have some wonderful questions in the Fly Box this week, including:

  • It’s great to hear that Tom gets stunk as often as the rest of us.
  • Why did I see mayflies when I was a mile from the nearest creek?
  • Do bright fly lines scare fish?
  • Why were fish hitting my streamer without me hooking them?
  • I’m having trouble casting a 15 foot hooklink.
  • Where should I go fishing with my sons in the Bozeman/Livingston area if I can’t afford a guide?
  • If I hook a fish deep in my throat, should I try to retrieve the fly or clip the hooklink tip?
  • Can I get closer to the fish with a rifle?
  • What are Tom’s top 5 trout flies?
  • I lose a lot of fish with my 10 foot 3 weight rod. What should I do differently?
  • Where do big trout live in a river? If I only catch small fish, are there big fish around?
  • I can’t get my swim line to swim well even after cleaning it. What can I do?

Click here to watch Tom’s Top 10 Trout Flies video.

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