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Since we’re out in nature all day, it makes sense that creek anglers would be interested in foraging. But even though we look out for fish, insects, and birds, many of us ignore them Plant. And along the trout streams there are plenty of delicious plants to take home for dinner – most of which are more nutritious than what you buy in the store. Plus, they’re free. If you’ve ever gone foraging for food, you’ve probably read some of these Sam Thayer’s books. In our household his books are the main source. I was fortunate to spend some time chatting with Sam about why foraging along streams is particularly good and what edible plants we can expect to see.

At Fly Box we don’t have phone calls but do email some great questions including:

  • Why do trout eat flies more easily in small streams when the water is high?
  • Where do you recommend for trout fishing in the east if I’m here in July?
  • A great story about a listener who gets generous advice from a famous angler on a trout river.
  • A tip for holding rod parts together with clothespins.
  • What is the best streamer reel, line and hooklink for a 7 rod?
  • What to do if there is a very heavy slip and almost too many natural insects?
  • When strip fishing, I have trouble catching fish using the hand over hand reel method. What can I do to increase my hooking rate?
  • What three things should a beginner dry fly fisherman look out for?
  • Ever tie up dry/dropper rigs at home before fishing?
  • Will my 8 rod be enough to fish for striped bass from the boat?
  • Any fly collecting tips for nighttime striped bass fishing?
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