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Scott Sadil, Author and Fly Fishing Editor of Gray’s sports journal, is a surf fishing pioneer in Baja and has learned a lot of valuable tips over the years. Even if you’ve never planned to fish Baja, his advice will come in handy as you find fish on a wide beach, choose the right fly and tackle, and learn new fly-moving techniques.

In the Fly Box we have some intriguing questions from listeners including:

  • I’m having trouble casting a size 6 fly with lead loops on my 5 weight. What can I do to correct this?
  • I have problems with my distance throwing. Any tips on how to help with this and how to fish large bodies of water?
  • When I fish panfish and perch on a coast, they always move to shore, while carp always swim to deep water. Why?
  • My Royal Wulffs don’t swim properly when I put them in a glass of water. What can I do to help?
  • What type of flies and colors do you recommend for surf fishing in Costa Rica?
  • How do I dispose of old waders that leak?
  • Is there a rod I can use for surf fishing, largemouth bass and trout fishing with streamers?
  • If you’re floating down a river in a canoe or kayak alone, how do you get back upstream at the end of the day?
  • Should I use a 7 or 8 weight rod for casting large streamers for trout?
  • How should I fish for perch and pike in freshwater rivers that have tides? And how do I attach the wire to the end of my pike leader?
  • Why do people use a Bimini Twist? I would think that this just pushes a leader’s weak spot further back.
  • Is bug spray harmful to fish?
  • If I’m hiking in high alpine lakes, should I be hiking in my wading boots?
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