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This week my guest is guide and lodge owner Wade Fellin from Big Hole River Lodge. Wade is a pioneer in trout health in Montana, particularly in the Big Hole Valley, and they have observed trout die-offs at the time of year when water temperatures and currents are optimal, which is of concern. Wade tells us how they get trout samples to send to a lab, some possible reasons for this problem and what could be done to fix the problem. He also makes it clear that trout fishing in Montana is still great and that a trip shouldn’t be canceled or planned. The fishing is still great, but we may need to be even more careful about releasing the fish – and deciding how many fish to catch on any given day.

The Fly Box has some great questions, tips, and comments from listeners, including:

  • A listener tells us how he analyzed his casting and solved a problem.
  • Do we over use UV curing resins in fly tying?
  • I can’t afford new waders and my old ones are leaking. Should I try to buy a pair of used waders?
  • When dry fly fishing in lakes, should I twitch the fly or just let it sit?
  • Why aren’t all nymph patterns tied to jig hooks?
  • Why am I overlooking so many small trout in a local stream?
  • With Vermont’s severe flooding, how will this affect my fishing if the water goes down?
  • A listener wishes to thank two generous anglers who gave him and his wife a box of flies on their honeymoon at Henrys Fork.
  • Good tips on the benefits of a long handled landing net.
  • Why am I missing hook sets on my fiberglass pole?
  • How can I get my family more involved in my fly fishing?
  • Do you have any tips for winding the line so it doesn’t get tangled when shooting the line?
  • I am moving to Dallas from DC and know there is no trout fishing nearby. Is there fly fishing near Dallas?
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