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OK, I lied. There are no 15 tips. There are probably more and if you want to count them you can email me and correct my mistake. But I get a lot of questions about emergers and thought a podcast on how to tell when fish are eating emergers and how to catch them would be welcome. In addition, world-renowned and beloved fishing guide and author Pat Dorsey shares his favorite emergency patterns, including a few secret ones.

In the Fly Box, we have some thoughtful questions and a few tips from listeners, including:

  • A great tip for throwing with the non-dominant hand.
  • Is smoke from wild forest fires affecting trout populations?
  • If I hear there are native brown trout in a stream, how do I find out where they are?
  • A nice tip for untangling tangled fly lines.
  • Bigger brown trout started taking my nymphs on the swing instead of letting them float dead. How should I benefit from it next time?
  • How strong can trout survive in a small mountain stream?
  • One listener was disappointed in my podcast with John Gierach because we didn’t discuss how anglers can have a positive impact on climate change.
  • Two listeners want to know what type of floating line to attach to their Euro rods when they switch to dry flies.
  • Why are some articulated streamers tied hook down and others hook up?
  • I have a busy life. Am I missing out on opportunities by not tying my own flies?
  • Brown trout are invasive in my cutthroat stream. Should I take them home to eat or just kill them and throw them on the shore?
  • Is it ethical to go back and fish a spot alone after a guide has shown me the spot?
  • I’ve heard that if you cut the welded loop of a fly line you can no longer use it because it absorbs water. Is that true?
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