Welcome to the Orvis News Friday Fly-Fishing Film Festival! Every week we scour the internet for the best fly fishing videos available and compile them for you. Gosh, we have an embarrassment full of riches this week: Nineteen glorious productions from around the world and across the country. From South America to Northern Russia, from the Keys to Oregon and much more. Many of these are trailers from various film festivals and therefore offer the best shots and exciting action.

For best results, watch all videos in full screen and high resolution. Remember, we surf so you don’t have to. But if you come across something great that you think is worth including in a future F5, please post it in the comments below and we’ll take a look.


Our favorite Swedish angler (and ninja) explores a small forest stream. Warning: language.


Gilbert Rowley and his friend go in search of grayling in the Highlands.


Some great Rockies action and musings on the magic of public land.


Red dirt roads, pristine plains and remote river systems: Cape York is an iconic part of Northern Australia.


Trailer for a great film about Adirondack tour guide Rachel Finn, loss and the healing power of nature.


A group of die-hard anglers and young protégés visit the remote and revered Yokanga River in Russia.


Extreme fly fishing in Massachusetts? Yes.


An epic, western-inspired story that follows four friends and their quest for ultimate fly-fishing glory.


A search for a rare permit off the coast of Oman.


A trip to a remote river valley on the west coast of New Zealand in search of large brown trout.


Beautiful golden dorado action from Argentina.


Our buddy Ken heads to Key West to hunt tarpon, bonefish and permit in the mangroves and open water.


The Emerald Isle is an underrated fishing destination.


One throw, one fish. Brevity is the soul of wit.
A Weimaraner puppy’s first outing to fly-fish for salmon.


While this isn’t the best production, we rarely see a gritty video that it’s cool to watch.


Here’s a cool look at a hike-in excursion for mountain killers in the highlands.


Alvin has been fishing Guadalupe Bass solo with mixed results.


More adventures of Tom in South America.