Low water in South Holston is detrimental to fish stocks.

The South Holston River in Sullivan County, Tennessee is considered by many to be the premier liveaboard fishing area in the Southeast. Recently, however, water releases have been at a minimum and low discharge has become a serious problem. The fishing community and others who love the river are trying to stay ahead of the curve and avoid a long-term problem. A recent study by the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency (TWRA) found a 35% decline in the trout population, which set off alarm bells.

With low flow, water temperatures rise and aquatic grasses thrive, clogging habitat for aquatic insects, particularly mayflies such as sulfur and blue-winged olives. The proposed minimum flow would be a beneficial change for the environment, for waders and boat fishermen. It’s a win-win scenario.

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South Holston is known for its beautiful brown trout.
Photo courtesy South Holston River Company

The Blue Ridge Guide Association And Overmountain chapter of Trout Unlimited suggest that the Tennessee Valley Authority establish a 300 CFS minimum flow and stable recreational flow schedule similar to that used for nearby Wilbur Tailwater. The 300 CFS minimum flow and recreational schedule would help fish and aquatic life thrive and make the South Holston River more suitable for recreational use in years to come.

BRGA and OMTU have started A petition to show how many people support their cause. At a meeting This ThursdaySupporters will take the petition to executives at the local utility, which controls the flows Please sign NOW.

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